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September 4 2013

Press Release
4th Sept 2013,

The Board of Directors of Habesha Breweries Share Company is pleased to announce to its share holders and the public an important milestone of the start up of site construction activities for establishment of a 500,000HL/annum its Greenfield Brewery.

The ground breaking ceremony is held at construction site nearby Deber-Birhan town located 125 Km north east of Addis Ababa on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. The ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors, management & employee of HBSC; contracting parties and other stakeholders.

This is a tremendous step forward of 7800 local share holders and Bavaria N.V (the foreign partner and major share holder of HBSC) who were waiting for realization of their dreams.

The construction activities of the project have been undertaking by Lehui Food Machineries Co Ltd( a foreign turnkey contractor from China) and Yerer Construction PLC (local civil contractor).  Accordingly both companies have mobilized the sufficient machinery, manpower and equipment to finalize the project within one year period.

Before reaching this major milestone HBSC has successfully completed securing finance, effecting down payment and LC opening for main contractor through CBE. Moreover the installation of infrastructure such as water supply, electric power line, and machinery design have been finalized which are critical for project execution have been finalized.
The board of directors Habesha Breweries Share Company would like to congratulate the share holders for reaching this important mile stone and keeps its promise to execute the remaining tasks for the successful completion of the project.
At this moment the board would also like to appreciate and thanks various parties who rendered us their assistance to this accomplishment and most especially:-
-    The government of FDRE and Commercial bank of Ethiopia.
-    The Amhara National Regional Government, the North Shoa zone and Debre Berhan Town Administration.

Finally the boards of directors do hereby deliver its assurance for those development partners who put their trust in our company to do all possible effort to finalize the project within the set forth schedule and budget.

February 6, 2012

Dear our Shareholders, Congratulations once again.

The board and the project management of Habesha Breweries Share Company are delighted to inform its esteemed shareholders, that the project has successfully reached another milestone in its journey towards realizing the Brewery plant.

Accordingly, we proudly inform you that the foundation stone of the Brewery, which officially is the start of the actual implementation of the project has been laid down by honorable Ato Ayalew Gobeze, President of the Amhara National regional state, Honorable Ato Birhan Hailu Minister of Justice for the Federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia, Honorable Ato kebede Chane, Minister for Trade for Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as well as the administrator of the North Shoa Zone Administration and the Mayor of Debre Birhan.

During the ceremony President of the Amhara national Regional State, Ato Ayalew Gobeze reafermed in facilitating all the required facilitation for the successful completion of the project. Moreover, the President has congratulated all the stakeholders in general and the shareholders, the board of directors and the project management office of Habesha Breweries S.Co for their hard work and tenacity in realizing the vision of the brewery.



July 26, 2011

One Giant Step Forward

We, at Habesha Breweries S.C, are pleased to inform our respected shareholders that we have managed to ink a 5 year official sponsorship agreement, with the 2011 season Ethiopian premier League champion, Ethiopian Coffee soccer club.

The sponsorship agreement, which is for the next five years, was made between us last Thursday July 20, 2011.
Accordingly Habesha Breweries S.C has agreed to pay 1,000,000 (One million birr) for the 2012 season while the coffee sport club has agreed to put on the logo of Habesha on the player Jersey and wherever it is possible to display it. Moreover the logo of Habesha will be in the front side of the Jersey to be seen easily. The sport club wears the logo both for domestic and luternational games.

The Ethiopian coffee soccer club further agreed not to promote any beverage products except Habesha beer and the club’s directors board has given one director seat in the board, for Habesha Breweries.

It is to be noted that the sponsors, the fans and business and individuals around Ethiopian coffee soccer club, generates 30% of the Forex earning of the country and the overall sales turnover these businesses is well over 50 billion birr annually.

The Ethiopia coffee soccer club is owned and administered by the coffee growers, whole sales, exporters, coffee roasters and coffee washing and grading enterprise. It is believed that around 25 million people in Ethiopia are involved in the Ethiopia Coffee Industry directly or indirectly. Therefore, by default through this sponsorship agreement Habesha Breweries has become the favorite of one fourth of the country’s population.

July 19, 2011

A call for the payment of the remaining balance of the subscribed capital.

Habesha Breweries Share Company is on its final stage of launching the construction of its 300,000 hecto liter annual capacity annual capacity Green Field Brewery in Debrebrehan Town 130 KM North east of Addis Ababa. So far, we have managed to increase our shareholders number to a total of 7634 with a subscribed capital of 153,000,000.00 Birr.

Currently, we are negotiating with the turnkey supplier on the contract agreement to be signed in the coming few days. Therefore, in order to move fast we ask our respected shareholders to pay the remaining balance of their subscribed capital.This would help us in expediting the project implementation to the satisfaction of all parties.

In the mean time, the board of directors of the Brewery would like to make a final call for those shareholders who did not sign the minutes of the General meeting of shareholders in front of the notary as there are still more than 1000 shareholders who do not appear to sign.



July 11, 2011

Habesha Brewery has signed 9.6 Million Birr Consultancy Agreement with a German Firm

Habesha Brewery Share Company has signed a turnkey consultancy with AMS Beverage Engineering GmbH, an internationally renowned beverage consulting firm from Germany, on July 9, 2011 at its Head office here in Addis Ababa.

This agreement covers Design, Manufacture, installation/erection and commissioning of the green field Brewery plant to be constructed in the Amhara National Regional state North shoa Zone, Debre Birhan Town 130 KM North east of Addis Ababa. Habesha Brewery has agreed a total sum of Birr 9.6 Million ( Nine point six million) for the consultancy services to be paid on deliverable basis.

AMS Beverage Engineering GmbH has agreed to check and supervise the design of the civil work and the machineries, their manufacturing workshops, workmanship and the overall quality management system of the turnkey supplier. The consultant further checks and supervises the installation and commissioning upto the final handover of the turnkey Brewery to the owner, Habesha Breweries S.Co.

The consultant, in the agreement has indicated that it will deploy all its expertise, experience and resources whatsoever for the successful completion of the project.
On this occasion, the board and the management of the Habesha Breweries would jointly like to congratulate its shareholders for this important milestone.




July 7, 2011

Habesha Breweries Share Company has started the turnkey contract negotiation for the consultancy service.

The project management office of Habesha Breweries has disclosed today that it has started the contract negotiation with AMS Beverage Engineering GmbH.

The negotiation, which would take place at the head office of Habesha Breweries S.Co is expected to last for three days.
AMS Beverage Engineering is a Hamburg based company in Germany. It has more than three decades of experience in consulting turnkey beverage projects worldwide. It is recalled that Habesha Brewery has signed an Mou with Ams on February 18, 2010.

The Negotiating team from AMS has arrived to Addis Ababa on Tuesday July 6, 2011. AMS is expected to consult Habesha from design to commissioning of its green field project in Debrebirhan Town. AMS is expected to work closely with the turnkey supplier selected by Habesha for the design, manufacture, erection and commission of the new Brewery plant.
Habesha has agreed to pay a sum of Euro 350,000 for AMS’s consultancy services. Ams consultancy services. AMS consults almost all the big players in the industry including Heineken, SAB Miller and Carsberg.

July 7, 2011


Change of Address

Habesha Breweries S.Co would like to announce change of address to the public. The new Address is Addis Ababa, Yeka Sub city, 5th floor on Marathon motors ( Huyandai Motors) building near Diaspora square.

June 27, 2011


Habesha Breweries Share Company is pleased to announce to its shareholders and the public at large that, it has awarded its Green Field 300,000 hecto liter per year annual capacity Brewery on turnkey basis, to Lehui Food Machineries co Ltd.

The Board of Directors of Habesha Brewery S.C. has made this decision last Friday, June 24, 2004. The Board and the Management have reached this decision, after evaluating the technical, financial as well as the project management capacity of the selected turnkey supplier.

The Lehui Group’s sister companies


Lehui Food Machineries Co Ltd was one of the three finalists selected for the detail technical and financial evaluation. Accordingly the company has fulfilled all the technical requirements, as stipulated on the international competitive tender document, and also has exceeded its two competitors financially by submitting the most competitive offer. The other two competitors were Ziemann Ludwigsburg of Germany and Techno export of Czech Republic.

Before making the final decision, the Directors Board of Habesha Breweries share company, had dispatched a five member technical team, three from the Board and two from the Project Management office, to physically evaluate the Lehui Group’s technological and technical workshops, its related infrastructures, manpower skills and compositions, Project Management capacity and capability of the group, financial position of the group, feedback from its clients as well as to visit the operational breweries built by the winner Lehui group so far and also the level of satisfaction from the owners and the management of these breweries when it comes to the performance of the technology that they bought from the Lehui group.

Having taken these assignments into account seriously, the team has successfully completed its mission to china and submitted its detail report to the Board of Directors. The Directors Board on the other hand has made its deliberations on the two reports namely, the technical and financial evaluation report of the international competitive tender and on the technical team’s visit report. As both evaluations have been found to be up to the satisfaction of Habesha Brewery, the Directors Board has decided to award the turnkey project to the Lehui Group.

The Lehui group has committed itself to complete and hand over the brewery with in 13.5 monthly from the date of the down payment.

The Lehui group is the market leader in the world’s biggest beer market, china. China has over taken the United States of America in 2001 and become the biggest beer consuming market and also the biggest market for brewery


machineries and technologies since then.


The Lehui group has 74.13% of the market share for brewing technologies and machineries, 19.58% for biotechnology Industry, 6.28% for food and beverage leaving the rest for other industries in China.

The Group also exports its products to North America (USA), Australia, South Africa, Panama, and Indonesia, India, Burma Papua New Guinea and others.

With Respect to its client base the Lehui Group has been and it’s doing business with almost all the big players in the brewing Industry.

The Board and the Management of Habesha Breweries Share Company would like to congratulates its share holders for reaching this mile stone and keep its promise to execute the remaining tasks for the successful completion of the project within the stipulated budget and schedule.



June 20, 2011

Habesha Brewery Share Company has finalized the physical inspection of the winner of the international tender for the turnkey supply of the 300,000 HL Green field Brewery.
The team, which comprises of five members, two from the board of directors and three from the project management team has finalized its assessment and returned to the office on June 20, 2011. The team left Addis on June 2, 2011 and visited the brew house system, the bottling line plant machinery, and equipment manufacturing, and testing workshops of the turnkey supply winner.
Moreover, the team has been evaluating the financial and the project management capability of the tender winning firm.

The team further evaluated the performance of existing operational Breweries built by the turnkey supplier and has also listened to the feedback by its clients when it comes to the actual performance of the brewing and bottling system supplied by the winning firm.
As there is no 100% turnkey brewing & bottling supplier in the market so far, the team has also visited and assessed the different sub contractors who are selected by the supplier, especially those who are sub-contracted for water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant and the utilities.
In the mean time, as the company is finalizing the signing of the minutes of the general meeting of the shareholders at the notary, the project management office urges those shareholders who did not sign the minutes so far, as it seriously hinders our project implementation.



March 11, 2011

Habesha Breweries Share Company has finalized its turnkey project negotiation with Ziemann Ludwisdsburg GmbH and simtec Ethiopia.
Ziemann Ludwidsburg GmbH is one of the biggest turnkey brewery supplier from Germany, while Simtec  Ethiopia is one of the few engineering company in Ethiopia. Simtec has been involved in the electro-mechanical installation and commissioning of Dashen Brewery, Meta Abo’s expansion, BGI kombolcha and Awassa site and Harar Brewery Expansion.


Ziemann and Simtec Ethiopia have formed a partnership for Habesha Breweries Debrebirhan Turnkey Green Field project. The negotiation which lasted for days has been made on the technical and financial offer that the two companies submitted for the tender that Habesha has floated for the supply, erection and commissioning of the Green Field project.


7 March, 2011

Habesha Breweries S.Co. has concluded its first round of turnkey supply negotiation with the Lehui group. The two member negotiating team has been negotiating with Habesha’s team on the technological and technical issues.

The Lehui group is one of the three finalists which managed to the final negotiation stage by passing through the rigorous tender evaluation process.

The negotiating team, from Lehui group has left Addis Ababa to Beijing on Sunday Evening. The team is expected to be back to Addis Ababa on March 21, 2011 for the conclusion of the negotiation once and for all.

The Lehui group has returned to the corporate office to make the proposed modifications that Habesha Brewery requested, and to make their own final preparations for the final offer.



March 4, 2011
Habesha Brewery has started the turnkey project with the second suppliers. Liehui one of the rising turnkey Brewery Supplier has just started its negotiation with the project management team of Habesha Breweries S.Co.
The two member negotiating team has arrived in Addis Ababa, yesterday 3 march, 2011 and started the negotiation today , 4 March 2011.
The negotiation includes technological, technical and commercial issues, critical to the successful realization of the project.

The duration of the negotiation is expected to take between 7-10 days and when concluded, the two parties will agree on the scope, targets, technology selection as well as on the total turnkey supply price and payment terms.
In the mean time the management of Habesha Brewery S.Co. has urged the public to buy the shares and/or to increase their capital for (existing share holder) as the management is planning to increase the premium from the existing 6% to 8% and the minimum number of shares from the existing four shares to ten shares. That means, once this window is closed any additional share buyer is expected to buy 10 shares which amounts to 10,000 birr with the corresponding premium of 800 Birr. Moreover, these ne share holders will be expected to make 100% payment in cash upfront.



February 25, 2011

Habesha Breweries Share Company is in the final stage of the negotiation for the turnkey supply of it green field project to be erected in Debre Birhan Town.


The finalist for the turnkey supply are Ziemann Group of Hamburh, Germany, Techno Export of Czeck Republic and Leihu.

The management of the project is working round the clock to realize the project with in the time budget promised to the shareholders.

Further more the board and the management of the Brewery has once again urges the existing shareholders to increase their capital without premium before this window of special privilege expires. In the meantime, the shareholders of the brewery will be called upon to sign in at the notary and take their certificate within the coming 10 days, therefore all existing and potential shareholders are expected to make themselves ready by organizing their documents such as Valid ID or Passport, shareholder registration form, reciepts of deposits to Habesha Breweries S.Co. etc.


The management further disclosed that once the contract with the turnkey supply is signed, new share buyers would be required to pay high premium.


February 09, 2011


Habesha Breweries S.Co., is in the process of establishing the most modern Brewery plant. It has met objectives of the first phase of the project and is preparing to begin the second phase of its project objectives.

Habesha Breweries S.Co., has met the following objectives.

1. Feasibility study of the project is completed.

2. After posting an international bid to select a company that consults on the design, manufacturing and the building of the brewery, Habesha Breweries S.Co. has signed a deal with a German consulting Company by the name of AMS Beverage Engineering (GbbH) .

3. The technical and financial evaluation of the international bid to build a turnkey brewery plant is completed and H.B.S.C. is in the final stages of negotiations with the companies that met the conditions of the bid and the outcome will become public in a short period.

4. Compensation to Farmers relocated from the land allocated to Habesha Breweries S.Co. by the Municipal of the city of Debre Birhan has been dispensed.


Habesha Breweries S.Co. has completed the task of verifying shareholders data. The data will be submitted to Documents Authentication and Registration Office shortly. Shareholders will be notified through mass media to appear in person or though their representatives.

Shareholders are requested to provide the following documents when they are asked to go to Documents Authentication and Registration Office.

1. A completed Shareholder form that was provided to the shareholder at the time of subscription of the shares

2. All receipts of deposits to Habesha Breweries

3. A Valid Kebele issued identification card or Passport original.

4. All representatives of shareholders are required to bring original documents of that gives them representation authenticated by Documents Authentication and Registration office.

5. Parents or caretakers of under age shareholders are required to bring original birth certificates.

6. Organizations, Unions e.t.c. are required to bring along with them documents that gives them representation to the organization authenticated by the legal authority that recognized the organization, union e.t.c.

7. All shareholders that have made payments to Habesha Breweries S.Co., but have not yet provided a copy of the receipt to Habesha Breweries   S.Co. are requested to provide a copy at the earliest possible time before the signing process begins.



Habesha Breweries S.Co in the News




Share sales flow for Habesha Beer
By Muluken Yewondwossen

The under formation brewery, Habesha Beer, has announced that it collected more than enough capital to receive a loan to establish the plant.
The promoters collected about 130 million birr from the public shares sale, which is more than the 30 percent of total set-up costs needed to receive a loan for the remaining 70 percent. A month ago, the share company extended the sale until yesterday to meet its target. The promoters were able to collect about 102 million a month ago. But according to the project plan, the first plant's construction cost is 360 million birr, so to meet the 30 per cent initial capital target, the company needed an extra six million birr.
According to Eskinder Desta, the main promoter of Habesha and managing director of Habesha Capital Service, a company that controls the shares sale, 22 million birr more than was needed was collected. He told Capital the company will officially receive 7.5 hectares of land from Debre Birhan administration next Saturday.Click here to read full article


Investors gulp down beer shares

Featured at

By Muluken Yewondwossen

The under-formation beer company, Habesha Brewery Share Company, sold 20 million birr worth of shares in the ten weeks they have been on offer.
The company is planning to collect seven million dollars from US-based members of the Diaspora.
The company, which has been advertising the offering heavily, planned to collect about 15 million birr in the first few weeks of the launch. However, it passed this target by more than a third again.
Eskinder Desta, the main promoter of the share company and managing director of Habesha Capital Services, told Capital that due to this performance the company should easily meet the deadline that ends in the first week of April this year.
Habesha is scheduled to collect 150 million birr in order to fund the production of beer for local and foreign markets. Click here to read full article.

Brewery start-up to explore water resources

Featured at

By Muluken Yewondwossen

The Amhara Water and Sanitation Bureau has given approval  for the start up brewery, Habesha Beer Share Company to explore underground water resources around Debre Berhan, one of the future beer production centres of the company.
The Recently, formed share company, Habesha Beer, established by some of the main promoters of Habesha Cement and  other prominent Ethiopians, plans to erect two breweries around Debre Berhan, 100 kilometres  northeast of Addis Ababa and Menagesha town, 20 kilometres west of Addis Ababa.
The company has already assigned geologists and hydrologists to locate the site of the underground water drilling area for water production.

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Habesha Breweries Cheers at 50,000 sqm

featured at

Habesha Breweries S.C. secured 50,000sqm of land in the town of Debre Berhan, 130km northwest of Addis Abeba in the Amhara Regional State, on December 29, 2009. The lease rate is yet to be negotiated.

Prior to getting the land, the Amhara Water Resource Development Bureau had also given Habesha the green light to explore for ground water in the area, according to Eskinder Desta, main promoter of the share company and managing director of Habesha Capital Services.

“The area has good water resource potential which is an essential element to putting up a beer factory,” Eskinder said.

Habesha’s next step will be to invite tenders from drilling companies for the exploration, according to Eskinder.

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Beer related news

Giant new BGI brewery for Hawassa

Asked why Hawassa was chosen for the new plant, the general manager explained that as BGI has already a plant in the center, Addis Ababa, and in the north, Kombolcha, Hawassa would allow it to reach the southern market easily.

Ethiopia's beer consumption that stands at 4 litres per capita, remains far below neighboring countries such as Kenya and some other African countries like Cameroon. In Kenya, it is 12 litres per capita, while in Cameroon the consumption level is 25 litres. As Ethiopian consumption level has shown a solid 24 percent annual growth in the last five years, catching up with Kenya or even Cameroon seems an easy reach considering the rate at which demand is growing.

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