Habesha Brewery is as a special place to us, as it is for all Ethiopians who dream big to see a big future. It is a brewery established not by tens or hundreds, but thousands of visionary Ethiopians aspire to create something big of their own. So for us it’s not only a place where the finest malt meets the purest water of Debre Berhan, but also a constant reminder of what unity can do to build a better Ethiopia.

Habesha beer, our Cold Gold, offers the best beer Ethiopia has ever tasted. Its formula is established based on continuous and thorough tasting sessions across the country. Implementing feedback from all over the nation allows us to confidently say that the taste of our beautiful Habesha perfectly fits the pallet of Ethiopians.

The distinct golden color  of Habesha beer and the elegant Black and Gold appearance of its labels go beyond from giving it a premium look to representing the pride,  confidence,  bravery and  winners’ mentality Habesha people nurture.

One thing that makes us proud is the history of our people, as it goes back beyond millennia and is passed to us by our fathers and forefathers. From all of the original symbols, icons and drawings our ancestors used throughout history, our beautiful logo which we call Lucy has always been an icon reflecting beauty and respectfulness.  The display of her portrait brings back these beloved memories of the past, and remembers us of our forefathers’ infinite values.

Being an Ethiopian is a pride we share in our heart. We are people with a proud past and bright future. When we look at each other, deep in each other’s eyes; we see the history we made together, the battles we won together, and the kingdoms we built together. As Habesha people, the passion of indomitability we attested in history, the character of respectfulness we nurtured, the can-do spirit that always drives us is our unique identity. Our people have always been and will always be remembered in a unique manner, whether it is for our achievements in the past – or bright outlook to the future.

We, all Ethiopians, are part of one family: a family that shares the land of promise and beauty, a family destined to rise together and fall together, a family with the strength of character, a family bonded together by a unique DNA – Habesha.

At Habesha, we believe that God’s unique handmade identity, that is stamped in our heart, is what kept us strong in the past, and allows us to shine to the world in the future. Within the boundary of our heartily respected values and rich norms, we strive to cherish and support local talent and collectively celebrate the success as earned amongst us, the Habesha people.

We Ethiopians have never run and been satisfied with silver or bronze. We always run to be number one, the Gold winners, knowing our everyday effort  and the success out of it are  the steps to get there.

Apply to join an organization built by Habesha for Habesha. We are comitted to finding the best team in beer which starts by hiring the best people. We are effortlessly committed to providing the best tasting beer whilst not compromising on our traditions and values. If you share our dedication to quality and our rich history come join our passionate team.

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    Habesha Breweries S.C.
    Addis Ababa, Bole sub-city
    Wereda 03, house number 2321
    At the back of Millinium Hall





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